How to Help Eyeliner on the Inner Rim Stay Put

While doing makeup, the eye makeup seems to be very important for the girls. Today in this article we will talk about one of the very common eye makeup that is about the application of eyeliner.

saving eyelinerWays to keep eyeliner on the inner rim

Eyeliner is one of the components of the makeup kit of ladies and girls which they use most often. However, it is one thing which they think they can’t do  themselves. It is not as tough as it seems. Ways to keep eyeliner on the inner rim is easier than you think   There are many ways which you can use to apply the eyeliner in your inner rim. Let’s know some of the ways.

Using a pencil

The pencil is one of the products which you can use to do this. For this purpose, you should take any good coloured eyeliner making  pencil. The pencil should not be very hard and should not be very soft too. If you think it is a bit harder, you can blow some hot air from the blower on it. If you think it is a bit softer, keep it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and then use. The pointer of the pencil should be also at the medium level. It should neither be too sharp nor too dull. To adjust its sharpness, you can use an eyeliner pencil sharpener.

using a pencil

How to use

Before using this pencil, you should clean your hands and your whole face properly. After this, you should hold your skin area above the upper eyelid and stretch it a bit so that the eye gets open a bit more and you could see the inner rim of your eyelid. Now you should take your pencil and apply the eyeliner on the rim. You should start from the middle of the rim and move the pencil towards the corner of the eye. If you can’t get the full stroke at once, you should make the small strokes just like any dash sign and join them all by and by.

Saving eyeliner on the inner rim

While applying eyeliner, you should also take care of your eyes as well. Saving eyeliner on the inner rim is very important as if you will be even a little bit careless while using it, not just your makeup will destroy but your eyes may also get affected badly.