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How Can I Fill the Gaps in My Eyebrows Naturally?

When people look at us, they notice our eyes first. Our eyes tell a lot about us and the beauty of eyes depends a lot on the beauty of the brows. Many of the people have the gaps in their brows which makes their look not so good which they may look with the fuller brows. Now you don’t need to be worried if you don’t have fuller brows. There is one way through which you can make your brows look fuller and hence your eyes look great.

Mark the boundary

For filling the gaps in eyebrows naturally, you just need one coloured pencil and some powder which all the ladies generally have in the make up kit. Now what you have to do is to give the correct measure to the brows first of all. For this purpose, you may keep your brush in the vertical position just touching your nose and cheeks. In this way, the one end of the brush will touch the brows area which will tell you one end of the brow. For the second end, you need to keep the brush on the endpoints of your lip and eyes corners of the same side. in this way, the other end will tell you the other corner of the brows. The same method you can apply to the other eye.

Filling with colour pencil and powder

Now for fixing gaps in eyebrows, you need to brush the hairs of brows and stroke it with the matching coloured pencil. While doing this all you can add some same colour powder also to give you the even look. After this, you need to brush the hairs of brows to get them even and good look. While doing this you should also notice one more thing that after doing all these things, you should apply the translucent gel on the hair with a good brush. This step could be just one optional step also for many ones but if you use this step, you would get more natural-looking brows.



One thing you must notice here that you should never apply too much colour powder or pencil colour to make that look artificial. Just you need to give them a light stroke with pencil and powder colour.

If you follow these steps, you can get the brows to look great natural looking brows without any additional artificial surgery or medication.