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Banana Powder vs Setting Powder

Using banana powder versus setting powder is one of the main topics among the ladies who use either of these two kinds of powders for their makeup. Today in this article we will talk about these two powders. We will do this while discussing our main topic that is ‘banana powder vs setting powder’.

Banana powder

There are many types of powders which girls use to do their makeup and look attractive. One of such powders is banana powder. As the name suggests, this powder is prepared with the banana. Generally, it comes as the loose powder and not as compact powder. Loose powder is the type of powder which can be taken even a little in a different pot other than the main container. On the other hand, compact forms work as a powder but it is not in the form of powder but like a semi-solid substance. It cannot be taken in any small amount in any different container.

Main uses

There are many different types of banana powder available in the market and their usability may vary as per their constituents. However, in general, most of the banana powders are used to give the golden look to the skin and it is mainly used by those people whose skin tone is yellowish. People with pink skin, tinted skin or white akin can too use this but the effect of it would not be good on them as much it suits the yellow skin.

Setting powder

Setting powder is also a type of powder used by girls and ladies to do their makeup. However, there is some difference between them. The main difference between banana and setting powder is that banana powder is used mainly by the yellowish skinned people, the setting powder can be used by almost all types of skins.


Main uses

Just like the banana powder, setting powder is also used to hide the fine lines on the skin and blend the uneven skin tone but the main work of this setting powder is something else too. According to one report most of the ladies, use the setting powder mainly for giving stabilisation to the makeup on their skin.

With the above discussion, it’s very clear that both of these powders have some specific work which they both get in common and they both can be replaced by each other.