How Often Should You Replace Your Mascara?

Many of the ladies use mascara as one of their makeup tools to make their eyes look great. However, many of the ladies use the mascara even after it loses its life. Today in this article we will discuss whether we should replace the mascara or not and if we should replace it, then after how many weeks or months.


There are many reasons of replacing a mascara. One of the main reasons is not getting satisfaction from the result after a few months. Many of the ladies are there who use their same mascara up to six or seven months. Perhaps they don’t know that after some fixed number of months, the mascara should also be changed just like any other products. If you keep using the same mascara over its expiry dates, it would cause many problems to you. One you already knew above. The second reason may be very fatal if you would overuse your same mascara for so long.

Eye infection

Many girls and ladies have the habit to use their dried-out mascara after setting that again with some water or some saliva. It’s really very harmful for your eyes. Our mouth is a source of too many bacteria. Many a time we don’t realise that having time to change a mascara is very important for them. If they don’t change this, chances are more that they may have some infection in their eye or on nearby skin of their eyes. In the worst condition of this infection, people may face the sight issue also.

What to do then

In such conditions, you may think about what to do with the leftover good-looking mascara. The answer is very simple. To not let any bad things happen to you, you should simply change your mascara between 2 to 4 months or as per the expiry date of the mascara you use.

eyes look great

What if the pack is expired but unused

It all depends on the quality of the product you are talking about and the way it was stored. If the product is good enough to be used and it was stored under proper condition, you may use that. However, if you are having even small doubts regarding its effect on your eyes or your overall health, just take the step of throwing away a mascara without second thought.