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Tips to Test My Foundation

Foundation is one of the major components of the cosmetic kit of every lady. For them it’s not so easy to choose the best foundation so easily. Today in this article we will tell you some methods which you can apply to choose the best foundation for your skin colour.

Find your skin tone

Before going for having any foundation, it’s very important to check which skin tone you have. The skin tone has been majorly divided into three types that are warm, cool and neutral. To check the skin tone we need to check the veins if we don’t find the other options. Based on the colours of the veins we can easily find out where we are under warm colour, cool or neutral colour. Golden, yellow etc generally comes in warm colour and the blue, green etc come in cool colour.

area of skin

Find a suitable area of skin to test

For finding the right foundation, finding the right skin to test the colour match is very important. Many of the people use their cheeks, hands to check the best colour match for them and buy a particular colour foundation. However, when they use them they find that something is missing. To find this missing thing, you should test your foundation colour on the neck and the jaw bone. Jaw bone gets highlighted a lot when they receive the light and the neck receives less light compared to other parts of the face. So if you find any foundation could do the same at both these places, it would be best for your skin colour.

Check it in different lighting

Different lights create a different look of the same people and in a different light, the colour of the various foundations also change according to the base material of the foundation. So before you buy any foundation, you should also check that in different lights. choose that one which gives a good colour in most shades of the lights.

Read and watch the reviews

The next tips to test my foundation is to check the review and ratings on the website. With the help of those reviews and ratings, you could easily choose your best foundation and it’s brand among so many brands and products available. While going with the reviews and ratings, you should also take care that the reviews given are from the certified buyers only.