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Difference Between Eyeshadow and a Foundation Brush

Every woman out there wants her makeup to look as good as possible. They seek out every tool for their kit and want to remain updated in everything new out there. Some might be good at this but for some even to know what is in a kit is difficult especially when it comes to brushes. They are an integral part to achieve a flawless, airbrushed look.

The selection of brushes available on the market makes the buying more difficult.

Are looking for a specific makeup brush? Well, we are here to help you.

Difference between eyeshadow and foundation brush:

Eyeshadow Brush

An eyeshadow brush helps in applying eyeshadow, for getting opaque and for generally applying colour to your eyelids. A general eyeshadow brush is a small, usually meant to sweep across the lid and the upper area. They’re rounded at the tip, typically flat and dense which will allow them to pick up a decent amount of cream or powder.

The two best types of eyeshadow brushes:

Angled Eye Shadow Brush

  • For more precision, an angled eyeshadow brush is the best choice. Mostly used in the intense colour of corners of the eyes and go for a well-defined contrast.

Eye Shadow Crease Brush

  • The size can vary and are shaped to fit the curve of the eye, they have a gentle taper and allow precision when adding final touches to your smoky eyes. Use it to layer the section where the eyelids fold.

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Foundation Brush

  • The perfect brush for the liquid foundation as well as powdered to apply efficiently.
  • These kinds of brushes are dense and flat or rounded, and dome-shaped.
  • Synthetic bristles are best for both the liquid or powdered foundation.
  • Apply foundation swiftly and make sure to blend outward in properly.
  • With the right amount of pressure and uniform strokes can grant a smooth application with no fine lines.