The Greatest Way to Deal with Clumpy Eyelashes

When we talk about makeup, the makeup of the eye seems to be very important. However, due to applying some bad products, we get clumpy eyelashes and instead of making us look good, the makeup makes us look bad. Today we will discuss some ways to solve the problem of clumpy eyelashes.

Clumpy eyelashes

Clumpy eyelashes are the situation when the hairs on the eyelids are not separated but they stick to each other which looks very bad to look at. At the same time, this condition also makes the ladies very uncomfortable as it feels a bit heavy on the eyes sometimes.

applying moisturiser

Ways to deal with clumpy eyelashes

There are some popular ways to deal with clumpy eyelashes, which you can use to make your clumpy eyelashes look good again. Let us know some of them.

With brush

Small brushes with suitable sized hairs on it can be used to separate the clumpy eyelashes. Nothing special you have to do in this. Just you have to clean this brush and make it dry so that no water or any sticky substance is there on the brushes. Now you take it and gently stroke it on the eyelashes. Start from the roots of the eyelashes on the eyelid and move the brushes in the outer direction of the eyes.

Small fine comb

The small fine comb can also be used for managing with clumpy eyelashes. The comb you should select whose teeth are not so harsh and the comb itself is not so big, else you won’t be able to use that properly. The second thing you need to do is to clean the comb properly if the comb is not new but a used one. Now for fixing clumpy eyelashes, you just need to comb your eyelashes with this tiny comb. Here also your combing direction should start from the root of the eyelashes and move toward the tip of that.


The third method you may use is the method of applying moisturiser. In this method, you need to take some moisturiser in your fingers and with the help of your fingers, you should try to press and rub your eyelashes gently in between your thumb and the finger. The position of your thumb and finger in condition should be like you do to take one pinch powder of any substance.