enlarged pores

Steps to Make Your Pores Look Instantly Smaller

Even though we hate the existence of the pores they actually play an important role in keeping our skin naturally lubricated and moisturized. Pores are the visible opening in the skin of the hair follicles. These pores are connected to the oil releasing glands and therefore makes our skin feel oilier and sweatier. The size…

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Can I Swim With Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can give a great look but be wary where you are wearing them. Swimming with hair extension is probable but with more care and concern before going in a pool. It depends how long you are swimming which might affect them in some ways that can damage them. Pools are cleansed with chlorine…

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Difference Demi-Permanent and Semi-Permanent

The colour terminology in the hair salons is quite difficult to understand. The difference between colours and highlighters is a different thing but if I have to tell the type in the same hair dyes this will cause a shock to our cerebral. We’ll go through the part where we will know about the difference…

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